How to increase your Trading Limit?

Increasing the trading limit is very important due to it will allow your bots to open more trades at the same time.

  1. Increase your Trading Limit           
Tutorial Last Updated : 10/09/2019 16:56 UTC

Increase your Trading Limit

1.Login into your Customer Back Office

2. Click on the Upgrades tab.

3. On this section you can decide how many upgrades you want buy.

4. Scrolling down and on this section you can decide the way you wish to pay for the upgrade, you can use these four wallets (Voucher, Commissions, Transfers and/or Cash) you can select the total amount of the upgrades from one of the wallets or you can use different amounts from all/some wallets to pay, after the required amount is reached the “Pay Now” button Will be available to click, after clicking on the button you Will see the upgrade on the trading limit in your trading center.