How to Top up Your Balance

In this area we will explain how to Top up your balance in your Customer Back Office.

  1. Top up PVP
Tutorial Last Updated : 17/06/2019 23:45 UTC

Top up PVP

1. In your Customer Back Office go to Wallets -> Add Available

2. You will see your Unique BTC Wallet, Send any amount of BTC and it will be credited at current BTC Rate.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All BTC deposits need to have at least one blockchain confirmation, we recommend always sending 1-2% above or more than the amount you need in the case of BTC price goes down.

We will take the price of the BTC in USD as soon as the transaction appears on the blockchain, even if it takes hours to confirm, the price will be already reserved.

All BTC that you deposit that is leftover from your purchases WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE TO WITHDRAW.

You will only be able to use leftover balance to purchase CWE Products or pay for your trading fees.