Register as an IBO

In this are we will explain everything related to inviting a new IBO, step by step.

  1. Registration Process           
  2. Qualify your Account
    1. Rest of the World
    2. USA and Canada
Tutorial Last Updated : 05/09/2019 16:49 UTC

Registration Process

1. Use the referral link received from your sponsor.

2. Verify that your sponsor’s username is showing at the top right.

3. Click the big orange JOIN NOW button.

4. Scroll down through the POLICIES AND PROCEDURES and Accept.

5. Scroll down through the USER AGREEMENT and Accept.

6. Ensure that you have properly read and understood each clause in the CWE agreement, then check each box and click Accept.

7. Account information page will appear next.

8. Fill out all of your personal information and click Continue.

9. Continue with the steps in Qualify your Account

Qualify your Account

Rest of the World

1. Click on any on the packs.

2. Check the Terms and Conditions and click Accept

3. Click HERE to check the steps to choose a pack and pay

USA and Canada

If you are from USA or Canada you will be prompted with 2 (two) Options to Qualify your account

Become Your Own Customer

1. Click the 3 boxes to agree to TERMS AND CONDITIONS and click Accept.

2. Click HERE to check the steps to choose a pack and pay

Acquire a Customer (Only for USA or Canada)

1. You can add your social networks to your distributor link (OPTIONAL)

2. Share your personal link to get a customer