Guide to Install Iphone APP

Tutorial Last Updated : 05/11/2021 09:00 UTC

Attention: you must to do the 10 steps to setup your Iphone App

Recommendations: Use a computer or different device to see the steps where you need to tap on your phone

1. Visit Installation Link

2. Tap on Install application

3. Tap on Install

4. Go to your Home Screen and you will see the app Installing.

5. If you try to open the App, it will Show Unstrusted Enterprise Developer, tap on Cancel

6. Go to Settings

7. Tap on General

8. Tap on Device Management

9. Tap on CWE software development, INC

10. Tap on Trust "CWE software development, INC"

11. Tap on Trust

12. You can now open the App and Allow Notifications