Invite an Affiliate Customer

In this section we will explain everything related to inviting a new Affiliate Customer.

An affiliate customer can use the trading software, sell CANWETOUR / SH8PPING products and earn sales commissions from them, but won't be able to sell CWE Packages or be part of an organization and earn team commissions.

  1. Invite Through Referral Product Website           
Tutorial Last Updated : 06/09/2019 20:00 UTC

Send this link to someone who is ready to sign up. The link will go straight to the CWE Trading APP website where people will be able to watch the introduction videos, download the APP and register as an Affiliate Customer under your Referral Link.

1. In your Business Center click on FREE APP Link

2. Now select the language and select one of the banners from the carousel.

3. Finally, you have 2 options. Either share the link embed in the banner on your social media platforms, or copy the link directly and share it with your prospects.

4. On the right side, you will find a chart where you'll be able to see all the customers that signed up using your referral link.