How to book a flight?

In this area we will explain how to book flights on Canwetour.

  1. Book a Flight           
Tutorial Last Updated : 12/09/2019 22:03 UTC

Book a Flight

1. First you need to Login into your account with your credentials, by clicking on “Login” on the website.

2. Once, you are logged into your account, on the search section, insert the origin, destination and dates of your trip.

3. Now, our engines are searching for the best prices for your flight.

4. Now, all the available flights for your destination are showing on the results page, you need to select the flight that suit you better.

5. After choosing your flight, you need to click on “confirm”.

6. This will get you to the page where you can find the information about your flight, you as a travel agency need to click on “Agency Data +” in order to insert the commission that you want to get on that package.

7. You can select to insert the commission in % or in USD, then click “APPLY”.

8. After that the final price will be shown, then you will have 2 options “SAVE” and “CONFIRM”.

9. If you choose “SAVE”, it will take you to a page where you can insert many information about the package and then you can share it with all potential buyers.

10. If you choose “CONFIRM” on the other hand, it will take you to the page where you can enter all the information about the passengers, so you need to fill it out all the requiered information and then proceed to pay.