How to create a WINWIN USDT bot?

  1. Create a WINWIN USDT bot           
Tutorial Last Updated : 17/09/2020 14:42 UTC


1. On the left side of your Trading Center, you'll just click on WIN WIN USDT tab.

2. Then click the plus button, that says add robot.

3. A dialogue box will pop up and it's going to ask you to name the bot.

4. Give it a name. Select the exchange, which right now it's going to be Huobi Russia exchange, as for the moment that's the only exchange available for utilizing the WIN WIN USDT.
Select your strategy! you have 2 strategies to choose from:
1. 50%-50%: it will convert half your BTC into USDT to start the bot.
2. 20%-80%: it will convert 80% of your BTC into USDT to start the bot.

5. It'll ask you to select your investment (the minimum is 1,000 USDT)

5. Now click the blue button that says add robot. Once you click on it, and then click on accept, now the bot is ready to work.

6. You can look at the details, also you can look at the daily earnings and it will share with you each transaction that has been made.

7. Apart from the aforementioned, another of the important feature that this bot has is that when it has already presented a minimum gain of 1%, a button will appear that gives you the possibility to close all operations (both positive and negative) and get the profit in BTC that the bot has generated up to that moment immediately. It can be done by pressing this button "Take profit"

8. After clicking on the button, a notice will pop up that says that the result of the profit will depend on the price of the BTC at the time it was purchased.

9. Now the robot is going to close all the operations and then you can see the profit that the bot has obtained.

10. Then if you want to re-activate this bot, you need to click on the reactivate button and the bot will immediately begin to operate again. You can see that the "take profit" button has disappeared and it will reappear when the bot at least have a 1% profit