How to register with Okex?

  1. Open an account           
  2. Generate API KEY
Tutorial Last Updated : 02/09/2019 19:58 UTC

Open an account

1. Go to and click on "Sign up".

2. When you get to the sign up page you have to introduce your email address and create and confirm your password.

3. Then click on “Get code” to receive the code in your email.

4. Now you have to log into your email and get the code to finish the process.

5. Now you have to introduce the email code, check the “I have read and agree…” box and click on “Sign Up”.

6. Congratulations! You have successfully created your Okex account.

Generate API KEY

1. Visit and Log in.

2. Click on “API”.

3. Click on “Create new API

4. You need to enter a label for your new API KEY, also enable “Trade” permissions, before click on confirm you need to introduce your second factor authentication code.

5. Your API KEY has been created, click on “View” to see your credentials.

6. Enter your Second Factor Authentication Code.

7. Store your API KEY and your SECRET KEY in a safe place.