How to register with

  1. Open an account
  2. Buy Bitcoins
Tutorial Last Updated : 03/07/2018 09:56 UTC

Open an account

1. Go to Localbitcoins website: and then click on “Sign Up for Free

2. Then you will have to register your new account by entering your name, email and creating a password.

3. After registering your new account, you will have to agree to the “Terms of Service” by scrolling down and clicking on “Agree”.

4. Then agree to the “Privacy Policy” by scrolling down and clicking on “Agree”.

5. After agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy you will be logged into your new Localbitcoins account.

6. Then log into your email and click on the link sent by Localbitcoins to confirm your email address and complete the process.

7. Once you confirm your email address, you have to log back into your Localbitcoin account to verify your phone number and set your real name in order be able to create transactions.

Buy Bitcoins

1. Log into your account and click on “Buy Bitcoins”.

2. Scroll down to the bottom and adjust your location by clicking on “change”, then you could choose your country, city or state.

3. Go to Quick Buy and enter the amount of bitcoin that you want to buy and choose the currency that you want to buy it with, then for the payment method choose “All Online Offers” because the most common one.

4. The list of the sellers in your area will show. You have to make sure you look for a seller that has a record of at least 100+ trades, trusted by 100+ people, feedback of 100% and also the seller has to be online with the green dot next to his username.

5. Once you choose your seller, you have to click on “buy” to get to the seller’s page where you will see his/her “Terms of trade”, opening hours and requirements.

6. You must enter the amount of money that you want to use to buy, the page automatically will give you the value in BTC. Then in the message you have to put any other information that you want to send to the trader and click on “Send trade request.