Trading Earnings

In this section you will understand how we calculate your trading earnings and weekly trading fees.

  1. Earnings
Tutorial Last Updated : 08/08/2018 21:36 UTC


1. To see your earnings, on the left side of your trading center click on "Earnings".

2. After that you are going to see 3 boxes.

3. The first box is Profit-Floating-Loss This Week, it shows your real earnings during the current week, after all the open and closed trades (negatives and positive).

4. The second box is Next Payment (20%) - DATE - 23:59 Pacific Time, it is the amount you need to pay the coming week.

The 20% fee calculator is not a live calculator. We take a snapshot of the user's earnings at 23:59 (PST) every Sunday, and you will pay your fees based on what you have earned up to that point. If you check on Tuesday and the market has gone down, you may be losing in some trades, but those losing trades will only be considered when the snapshot is taken again the next Sunday. If you are in a losing position that next Sunday, your losses will rollover to the next week, so we guarantee that we will never take any more than the 20% you have earned through the CWE software.

6. The third box is Profit-Floating-Loss LifeTime, it shows your earnings in BTC since you have started to use our software.