Share & Click

In this section we will explain how to share daily promotional banners in your Social Media.

Tutorial Last Updated : 10/09/2019 22:33 UTC

1. Log into your Customer Back Office.

2. Click on the Share & Click tab.

3. Select the language and then select the link under the image you want to share.

4. Select the Social Network in which you want to share.

5. Facebook example:

          5.1 Click on the FB icon.

          5.2 Click on Publish on Facebook to share it on your wall.

6. After you share, click on refresh to update the page.

7. WhatsApp example:

          7.1 Click on the WhatsApp icon.

          7.2 Click on Send.

8. Select the contacts you want to share in your contact list and then click on Send.

9. Twitter example:

          9.1 Click on the Twitter icon.

          9.2 Enter your username and password and click on Tweet.

10. Pinterest example:

          10.1 Click on Create Board.

          10.2 Enter a name to your board.

          10.3 Select the contacts you want to share in your contact list.

          10.4 Click on Create.


- In all Social Networks, except on Facebook, the person to whom the link is sent must click on it, so it can be counted as shared on the CWE platform.

- Remember that you can also use the email and other Social Networks available in our platform to share the links.

- It is important to know that no matter how many people click on the same post on the same social network, it will always count as one on the CWE platform, so it is important to share all marketing banners.