How to register with Bittrex?

  1. Open an account
  2. Verify your account
  3. Generate API KEY
Tutorial Last Updated : 03/07/2018 09:56 UTC

Open an account

1. Go to click on “Register”.

2. Insert your personal details and agree to Bittrex terms of use, then click on "sign up".

3. You will receive a confirmation email.

4. You need to confirm your account by going to your email and clicking on the confirmation link.

5. Congratulations! Your account has been already created.

Verify your Account

It is necessary to verify your account in order to trade in Bittrex.

1. Go to you account and click on "Settings".

2. Now click on "Basic verification" and fill all the required fields.

3. Your date will be processed

4. In some cases, you will not be found in the public records, in which case Bittrex will show you an error screen, if that is the case, click the "Verify Phone" button.

5. A new window will appear, allowing you to choose your country and insert you phone number.

6. You will receive a notification on your phone, inserted it on the field.

7. Well done! After a while your status will be updated and your account will have the digital token trading permission enabled. You can check your status under the "Summary" section under Settings.


How to generate a Bittrex API Key?

1. Visit and click Log in in the top Right corner

2. Log in with your credentials

3. Input Your Authenticator Code

4. If you login with a New IP Address, you have to verify it.

5. Click the link that you received in your email

6. Once Logged in, go to Settings in the Top Right Corner

7. In the left panel click on API Keys

8. Click on Add new key.


10. Click on Save

11. Authenticador Code will be requested

12. You will then see your Api Key and Secret