How to create a WINWIN PRO bot?

  1. Create a WINWIN PRO bot
Tutorial Last Updated : 20/06/2019 21:01 UTC


1. Go to your APP, an click on "Bitcoin Trading Software".

2. On the left side of your app, you'll just click on WIN WIN PRO tab, and then on "Live".

3. Then click the Plus Button

4. A dialogue box will pop up and it's going to ask you to name the bot.

5. Give it a name. Select the exchange, which right now it's going to be Huobi Russia exchange, as for the moment that's the only exchange available for utilizing the WIN WIN PRO.
Select your strategy! you have 2 strategies to choose from:
1. 50%-50%: it will convert half your BTC into USDT to start the bot.
2. 20%-80%: it will convert 80% of your BTC into USDT to start the bot.

6. It'll ask you to select your investment (the minimum is 1,000 USDT), and then click on "Add Robot"

7. Congratulations! Your new robot has been created.