How to create a Hybrid BTC Order?

Tutorial Last Updated : 22/07/2020 07:52 UTC

1. Go to your APP, an click on "Bitcoin Trading Software".

2. Now open the slider on your left and go to the "Hybrid" tab.

3. Select “New Hybrid BTC”

4. In this section you will be able to select the Exchange, select the API KEY, select the Pair you want to trade against, it can be either BTC or USDT, and finally select the coin which you want to buy.

5. A chart of the coin will show up with the current price and performance.

6. Now you will see a checkbox "Buy at Market Price", if you select this checkbox your buy price will be the current price of the market.
Note that if you want to select your own price, you'll need to leave this box unselected.

7. If you didn't select the checkbox above described, now you will be able to select your own buy price. To do so, please use the conditions simbols "<=, <, >= or >" and a price in BTC.

8. Now you need to input the Stop Loss %, amount the BTC to invest and the Stop Profit % (when enabled).

9. Your will see another checkbox, this one will apply a new strategy to your hybrid order. "If you check this option, the robot will buy the selected coin at the lowest possible rate by analyzing the price until a recovery happens. For example, you have set the buying price at 0.0100 BTC once the target price is reached the bot will wait for a better offer, if the price goes up to 0.0102 the bot will automatically buy at the current market price. However, if the price goes down to 0.00900, the bot will continue waiting until it spots a recovery to start the trade."

10. Click on "Add Hybrid"

11. Congratulations! Your new hybrid order has been created.